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Biochemistry & Developmental Biology

Beckman Center, B461

Recent Announcements

September 2022 – Lab opening with Flora & Scott! We are supported by CZ Biohub-SF and the HHMI Hanna Gray Fellows program!

November 2022 – Yvette joins the team to study choanoflagellate-bacterial symbiosis!

February 2023 – Nils and Maria join the team to study tyrosine kinase signaling with support from the ChEM-H Molecular Structure Knowledge Center!

March 2023 – Maria receives the Ford Foundation Scholarship!

July 2023 – Jia joins the team to study choanoflagellate glycobiology, and Iliana joins the team to join Maria on Src signaling!

September 2023 – Viky joins the team to develop SH2 domain probes!

March 2024 – Lupe joins the team to develop expansion microscopy with support from a cSHARP grant!

April 2024 – We receive support from the Hypothesis Fund to explore the ancestry of cancer-associated genes! Nils completes his Master’s Thesis!

May 2024 – Hannah joins the team to study focal adhesions in choanoflagellates! 


 We use chemical biology to probe the mysteries of multicellularity. 

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